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Yes, I need to post more

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It’s been awhile since I’ve posted.  Yes, I really need to post more.  I have run several ultra races since my last post including the Catamount 50K, the Cacapon 12 hour, Rosaryville, 50K, The Ring 72 Miler, and the Big Schloss 50K.  All these races deserve their own race reports, but unfortunately I haven’t been able to keep up.  I… Read more »

Preview of Upcoming Races

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Earlier this year, my wife told me she wanted a beach vacation.  She absolutely loves the beach.  She loves long summer days, the warm sun, the sand, the ocean. While it is technically a beach, I don’t think a marathon weekend in Outer Banks, North Carolina in the chilly and short days of November is exactly what she had in… Read more »

Running Detour: Paw Paw Tunnel

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Welcome to the first post in a new series called “Running Detour.”  In each post of this ongoing series, I’ll write about a run done at a location that deviates from the usual route or traveled path — or at least, my usual route.  Hopefully, this will be useful to others who may be looking for new and different locations… Read more »

Running While on Vacation – 4 Quick Tips

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Running while on vacation can be challenging. Whether it is a destination vacation, a trip to visit with family, or some combination, it is not always easy to maintain one’s regular running routine or training program. Since Thursday this past week, my wife and I have been on vacation in the central Florida area visiting family. Unfortunately, finding time to… Read more »

Running Analysis Results – The Cause of My Shin Splints?

A few weeks ago, I attended a one-on-one two hour running analysis with a Physical Therapist at Fast Track Sports Medicine and Performance Center (formally Endurance Athlete Center). I decided to get a professional in-depth analysis to hopefully shed some light on my shin troubles over the past few years, which I described in a previous post. To summarize, I… Read more »

Running again

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Injuries suck. Ellipticals are boring. Injuries really suck. What am I doing wrong? Let me provide some context. Last Thursday, June 11th, was my first time running in four weeks. This was a great thing for a couple of reasons. The first reason… Injuries suck. I think most runners will agree that having to take time off from running due… Read more »